Versuri Hillsongs - Its Your Love

Album: Hillsongs - Faith+Hope+Love

[Verse 1:]
Upon the hill on Calvary
He came from Heaven's throne
Our fallenness and mercy meet
Where blood and water flow

[Verse 2:]
What grace divine what selflessness
That Christ would bear the weight
Our proof is scarred on hands that bled
That we were worth every nail

And all the praise and glory to God
We sing Hallelujah sing Hallelujah
For the King has carried the cross
He is risen from the grave

[Verse 3:]
Beyond the tomb to holy skies
He rose in victory
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And bridged for us the great divide
His life is our liberty

[Repeat Chorus:]

It's Your love
It's Your love
It's Your love
That has saved me

It's Your blood
It's Your blood
It's Your blood
That has cleansed me

Oh-Oh Woah Woah