Versuri Hillsongs - We The Redeemed

Album: Hillsongs - Faith+Hope+Love

Verse 1:
There is nothing like your love
No exchange for all you gave
To be welcomed into life
So I could know a love that saves

Verse 2:
Now forever to belong
To walk with you for all my days
There's no greater love than this
You are the Author and the way

This is the sound of the redeemed
Rising Up to praise the King
Our hope is in you
This is the sound of the redeemed
Rising up to praise the king

Singing, Glorious, Glorious One
You have saved us
Honour and power and praise to the Saviour
You are the answer
You are the answer

Verse 3:
You come with power come with fire
As we lift your name on high
And join with all the saints to sing
Bringing honour to the king

We the redeemed
Hear us singing
You are holy
You are holy

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