Kiss Of Dawn Chords - HIM

emi - E minor [E, G, B]
D - D chord [D, F#, A]
A - A chord [A#, C, E]
F - F chord [F, A, C]
C - C chord [C, E, G]
G - G chord [G, B, D]
bmi- B minor [B, D, F#]

[verse 1]

emi      D emi      D   emi             D  emi
blinded i am and so are you by shedding te-ars 

emi            D   emi    D  emi      D    emi
confusion that sep-arates us two we hold dear 

[bridge to chorus] 

A                 A  
just look into my eyes 

F                   C
kiss our fears good bye 


C   G    D            emi
i'm reaching for your shadow 

    D    C  G   bmi 
drowning in the kiss of dawn 

G    D       emi           D  C
touching the pain you left me with 

G      bmi     emi 
at the kiss of dawn 

[verse 2]

emi       D  emi       D   emi               D  emi 
i'm tired of the games i'm playing with you when your not here 

emi              D   emi     D  emi     D    emi
death frees from the fear of dying it's true have no fear 

[bridge 2]

A                     A
let me look into your eyes 

F                    C
and see death pass us by