Versuri Hirax - Lucifer's Inferno

Album: Hirax - Assassins Of War

Armageddon is here, the end of the world
Revelations warned us, that this day would come
Sinners repent, pray to your god
You are damned, and your souls will burn in hell!!!
Perish in flames Banished from Earth
Eternal misfortune, we all will die
Stricken by fate Nothing can save you
The holy cross burns your evil heathen eyes

Baptized in fire The creator of sin
Dark prince, he has come to claim his throne
Rise of the beast, sacrifice the child
Innocent blood, stains the altar Pagan curse
Cast out of heaven, for refusing to bow
The son of fire, fallen from Gods grace
The Biblical scriptures, warnings have been written
Wrath of God The archangels descend to fight


The war in heaven started because of Lucifer
The ruler of hell as hes known
Disobedient disciple, the bearer of light
Forced to live eternity in the dark

How art thou cast down to the ground?
Thrown from the heavens into the abyss
Once he was a servant of the highest realm
Now hes the adversary of Jesus Christ!