Versuri Hirax - Satans Fall

Album: Hirax - El Rostro de la Muerte

Straight from heaven and straight to hell
Consumed by power and hate.
The embodiment of evil
Once he was the morning star

The first enemy of God.
Out of heaven he is cast
Condemned to walk the earth.
The arch angels fall from grace
Son of dawn, sinners and saints
Banished forever, you’ve sealed your fate
Your revolution was your demise
For eternity to reign in hell ... SATAN’S FALL!!
Exalt, praise, honor, glorify
The throne you sit on, is built of lies
The pit of fire slowly burns
Hell awaits to burn your soul

Roaring thunder pounds the skies
The wrath of God you can’t defy
Rebellious Lucifer, he lurks and deceives
In the kingdom of hell, lies the beast
Torment and fire, grim, death and fear
Leprosy and famine, murder and tears
Deadly diseases, millions will die
Starvation and hunger, the well has run dry
Faster than lightening, angelic symbols appear
Crusaders engage in warfare.
Until the end, destine to die
Victorious the hand of doom. SATAN’S FALL!!!

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