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Hollywood Undead este o formatie americana de rapcore, care s-a infiintat in 2005 in California. Stil : rapcore Componenta: Charlie Scene Johnny 3 Tears J-Dog Da Kurlzz Deuce AKA Tha Producer Funny Man Discografie: Swan Songs (2008) HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD www.hollywoodundead.com www.myspace.com/hollywoodundead ...Biografie Hollywood Undead

California Tab

The Diary Tab

Every Where I Go Intro Tab

Young Tab

Swan Songs Album Tab

Christmas In Hollywood Chords

The Natives Tab

Scene Tab

No 5 (ver2) Tab

No 5 Tab

Loss Bass Tab

Circles Tab

Circle Tab

Christmas Time In Hollywood Tab

Bottle And A Gun Tab

Been To Hell Tab

Hear Me Now Tab

Paradise Lost Chords

Circles ver6 Tab

Everywhere I Go Intro Chords

Black Dahlia ver3 Tab

Circles ver2 Chords

Sell Your Soul ver3 Tab

Sell Your Soul ver2 Tab

Black Dahlia ver2 Tab

Christmas In Hollywood ver2 Chords

Dove And Gernade Tab

Knife Called Lust Tab

Bottle And A Gun ver2 Tab

City Chords

Pimpin Tab

Black Dahlia Tab

Paradise Lost Tab

Circles Chords

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