Versuri Hollywood Undead - Sell Your Soul

Album: Hollywood Undead - Desperate Measures

I'm holding on so tightly now
My insides scream so loud
They keep watchin, watchin me drowned,
How did it come to this

How did it come to this,
How did I know it was you
It was a bad dream, asphyxiated watch me bleed
The life support was cut,
The knot was too tight,
They push and pull but they know they'll never win

Deuce and J3t:
Throw it all away throw it all away
I keep on screamin but there's really nothing left to say
So get away, just get away
I keep on fightin but I can't keep going on this way

I can't keep going, can't keep going on like this, they make me sick, and I get so sick of it, cuz they wont let me, they wont let me
breath, why can't they let me be

J3T: why can't they let me be, why don't I know what I am, I force this hate into my heart cuz it's my only friend, my lips are sewn shut,
I watch my self bleed, they push and pull and it's killing me within


I can't keep going, can't keep going on this
I can't Keep going can
My heart beat stumbles and my back bone crumbles I feel is it real as the lynch mob doubles they want blood and they'll kill for it, drain
me and they'll kneel for it
Burn me at the stake, met the devil made the deal for it, guillotine dreams ya they're guillotine gleams, the blood of they're enemies
watchin while they sense me, sentencing deceased, sentence deceased and watch them bask in the glory of their holy disease


I keep on runnin,
I keep on runnin,
But I can't keep going on this way

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