Versuri Hollywood Undead - Turn Off The Lights

Jeffree Star:
This is Jeffree fuckin' Star
And this is a big f**k YOU to all you jealous b*****s,
That get mad that I'm f*****g your boyfriends...
An don't get mad that they suck my dick...
An then they make out with you after... HOE!

That's when we turn off the lights (x2)

Tha Producer:
Girl your boobies look real nice to me tonight
Let's have a pillow fight, I know you're tight
That's when we turn off the lights
Girl if you're from orange county I'll f**k you right
And I think J-dog might, If I'm nice
That's when we turn off the lights

I be the J to the D, girls call from OC what are you doing?
I'll f**k you in your new Denali!
What a change... cuz I f**k girls in alleys... behind the Beauty Bar,
Lets see how far we can go on a sexual safari
I got a dick like Kareem Abdul-Jabari
Now lets pray, go all the way,
Your boyfriends gay, got his truck raised... ain't I right?
Hey Shady... (what? ) let's have a pillow fight...
I'm a sex robot sent back from the f*****g future


Charlie Scene:
I'm like the Brad Pitt of scene movies
Take off that shirt and let me see them Big boobies
I like C boobies, D boobies, Z boobies...
Sad boobies, mad boobies, clean boobies, mean boobies
I get pissed when the haters try and cock block
I get drunk an touch Tila in her hot spot
It's Charlie Scene, let me drink from your flask,
Put on my mask and f**k you in the a*s
Hey Charlie, how many girls you takin' home tonight?
My dicks sinned so much it should be crucified like Jesus Christ
BEEP BEEP hey, you girls need a ride? GET INSIDE!
I pull out my skin sword on the dance floor
Rub it on your butt cheeks and watch it transform
Or I'll do the Michael Jackson and I'mo RAPE YOU!


Hey what is that? Is that a guy or a girl?
Jeffree Star:
Shut the f**k up, you want me...
b*****s get mad that I swallow more cum than they can
Wanna give me a hand? Cuz I'll deep throat your dad
Then he'll cum on my face... before I go on MySpace
An every guy wants my lipstick smeared on his nutsac
Let's play Barbie and shove Ken's dick in my a*s...
Or you can be R. Kelly an pee on me
Just don't get it on my plastic surgery
And then I'll beat you like I did that b***h Stevie
You think that's funny?
Watch me eat Forbidden's fat pussy...


Jeffree Star ad libs over chorus:
f*****g c**t... lick my pussy... f*****g c**t... eat me out b***h!
Lick my pussy... sit on my face daddy... FAGGOT!