Versuri Holy Dragons - Able Archer 83 - DEFCON 1 / Zerstorer

Album: Holy Dragons - Zerstorer

1. Zerstorer spirit spread
His wings of fear and hate...
World waiting
Bible judgment day.

The key is switched to - "start!"
You feel it in your blood.
The doomsday clock
Breath in the mind.


Black moon through lifeless branches
Of nuclear Yggdrasil.
Is midnight way to madness
Zerstorer is much too real.

2. Coldness of sparkling snow
The pure light will glow.
Inspires madmen for great deeds.

Pandora’s box again
Is open in this game.
New time
Count started for your needs.


3. Shameful spots
On the white cloak
Hiroshima's trace.
New statistics
For guaranteed death...
For as...


The symphony
Came to the end
And the conductor
Still he stays.
But musicians
Are in place
Don’t cover
Their instruments.


4. The dream to turn
The time back.
The hatched hawk will not turn
Into the egg...
Black wings of fear
Are always near.
The self destruction program
Is for you and me.

No fear, no life time
You wind up the spring.
Unwilling destiny
It's like the evil dream.
You want it now,
Life in this world
Seems you more terrible
Nuclear melted world.