Versuri Holy Dragons - Doomsday Angels

Album: Holy Dragons - Zerstorer

1. Prophecy of
Edgar Casey,
Driving flock
Of John Strong mad.
Orton church
Is digging shelter,
Jingle bombs
For Jensen’s sect.


Fear of life,
Fear of destiny,
Cruel waiting of death.
No crusade
For future centuries,
Hiding from your real fate.


Doomsday angels
Coming from heaven...
Wings of terror
Slaying your mind.

You are mad,
All you are able
Lie to scare
For weakling like you.

2. Bahaists of Leland Jensen
Digging out
A mountain hole.
Ho Ming Chen
Awaiting doomsday,
In final war.


3. Soldiers take assault
In radian ashes
On the proving ground
In odd sham battle.
"Desert Rock" competing with
"Totskoye village",
Soviet "Snowball" reflecting
"Buster Dog".

Ghosts of Hiroshima
Are still living.
Paranoia demons
Destroy the rising.
Scientists and faithful
Become sectarians,
Being scared
Just for their precious lives.

4. Steven Pollas
Explain quatrains,
Is expecting
Eastern strike.
Elio Blanco
Building cover,
Save oneself
Before attack!


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