Versuri Holy Dragons - HL7442

Album: Holy Dragons - Zerstorer

1. The height of cold war
The Soviets crossed Panj.
The Yankies' wargames
Teasing the bear.

"Queen Of Sky" is doomed
Cruel plan or mistake?
The work is done by
Machine of war...

Chorus 1:

Don’t you fear while we are living.
Impossible to run from fate.
We will stay ourselves forever,
Being victims of the hate.

No escape, no hope, no meaning -
If your got unlucky dice.
If nonsense of the politicians
Claims the human sacrifice...

2. They shift the blame
Some still think - it's rot.
Who here is guilty,
A token coin...

But we all know
To blame is no one.
But guilt remains
For everyone.

Chorus 1

Chorus 2:

From raging skies
There’re falling the angels.
Beyond the clouds summits
Don't cry.

Playing with lives,
Intending invasions.
Empires collapse,
Turn into dust...

From wrathful skies
Once fire, then manna.
No matter - non- belief or
Your faith...

This game - is only parts of the
This is the key to see
Our hate...

Chorus 1