Versuri Holy Dragons - M.A.D. Mutual Assured Destruction / AN602 - Wind Of Hate (Project 700)

Album: Holy Dragons - Zerstorer

1. Released evil spirit
Omol from the womb.
Awakes by resurrection
Your heart’s frozen cold.

Firestorm devastating,
Firestorm wind of hate.
The huge ice is broken
Way back is too late.


Nuclear fire
Brings death and the firestorm.
Atomic messiah
Reduce this unstable world.
Nuclear fire
For you and for everything.
As cursed messiah
Breaks out free!

2. Scientists reduce nuclear power,
Worrying it will bring fallout.
Thinking of the danger it is carrying
Having fear it destroys the crust.


Burn, arctic sun...
Burn, arctic sun...
Раndora's case,
Hell rising...

3. Shock wave was located
Three times hit the Earth.
Tsar-bomb annihilated
Burnt ground like a curse.

Firestorm devastating,
Firestorm wind of hate.
It stormed radio silence
Disaster is manmade.


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