Versuri Holy Dragons - The Man Who Saved the World / Crush Of Chrome Dome

Album: Holy Dragons - Zerstorer

1. Flames in the sky
Among the crushes seven die.
B-52 and “Stratotanker” to collide.
Palomarez under for nuclear bombs,
Destroying they release plutonium...


Frail wings of war
In cloudy vortex
The atomic fusion
Close to everyone.
"Chrome Dome" to fall
In the cold Greenland depth.
This mortal poison
Remains for good.

2. In Greenland ice
Concealed the lost explosive charge.
Headquarters lie,
Keep secrets deep lies getting large.
The heavy bomber
Crush the ice and drown.
It is contamination all around.

3. Constantly waiting
Your nuclear hell,
Constantly waiting
Their lies...
You want to stop
Fateful doomsday clock
For that is ticking
In hopeless mind.

They're running quickly,
Swift time elapse
Reminds before your death.
Your choice is
Porn and low-price alcohol...
And trust to statesmen and church.

4. Disaster fighters -
Civil action was declined.
The bomb not found -
Government claims that it was fine.
They say :”It’s not discussed.”
And no replay.
They can not prove
That it’s not true.

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