Versuri HOLY MOSES - In The Slaughterhouse

Album: HOLY MOSES - Finished With The Dogs

[Break 2x]
Waiting for the bestial death - in that bloody slaughterhouse
Bulls approaching feel his breath - bloods streaming out his mouth

[Break 4x]
Rough he takes me to the rack - his battle cry sounds in my ears
The axe is falling down my neck - nobody knows the feaaaaaaar
[hoch sofort]
I will be reborn - to be free again.....

The shamble becomes red in blood - raw meat was eaten up
Blood shreds this sacrifice - it was not a sign of gooooood

Im waking up in horror fright - I know Ill never win this fight
Theres something hanging over me - the butchers axe - no time to flee
I will be reborn - to be free again.......
You are the next victim - the blood I bleed was not in vain
The butcher company will come - to lead you to the slaughter
I will be reborn - to terminate my exercise
Minds are rolling down the streets - blood is dripping from the trees