Versuri HOLY TERROR - Alpha-Omega, The Bringer Of Balance

Album: HOLY TERROR - Terror And Submission

Hidden in the magic darkness
Befriended by the night
Lies the war torn ravaged victim
Treason complete a new order arrives
Pain the trouble drone infests
Ever-lasting night befalls revolt
Loot the storehouse of the lamb
The lion will be


Damned to hell compulsion of the thief
Driven by greed, tempered by force
Sweet evil tendencies, the easy way out
Fallen soldiers bleeding their sins

Fearing death the cowards tremble
All so afraid to fight
Laying down their earthly treasures
Trading possessions for the light
Fighting back without fighting
The blood on them it flows from us
The slaughtering of the lamb
Insures the lion to be


Rising through the mist around me
Shackled to my vice
The stench of my own sins surround me
Deep inside I need to live
Feed the fires for now but remember all

[Solo: Kurt, Mike, Kurt, Mike]

Deceived by the whore to evil
Voices in my mind revolt
Telling me trust in nothing
Questions begin the answer
Believe in nothing the deceptions sure
Revealing that which has always been
Programmed but not forsaken
Listen not to the charlatan

Question all without regard
An empty ringing breaks the silence
A voice upon the astral wind
Tears upon the trusting face
Turn away while you still can
From the gaze of your temptation
Rebellion is upon our hands
Sacred breeding desecration

The deception's complete

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