Versuri HOLY TERROR - Black Plague

Album: HOLY TERROR - Terror And Submission

Allegiance to none, yet nowhere to stand
Time has come, to fight or die
Enter the arena, coliseum of the beast
The hunter, the hunted, the carnage for the feast
Chapel in peril, prey of the possessed
Harboring foes forgotten by all
Returning Babylon, worship the whore
The finale in geneses sabotaged by war


Holy are the wicked, into the white
Cast into purgatory, all must face the light
Crucifix and serpentine
Condemned before the law
Domination of the anarch
Crucifix will fall

Armies approach the final gate
Gathered there to watch and wait
Their time has almost come to rise
The darkness grows to deadly size
Overwhelming evil force
Too late to stop their bitter course
Invaders conquer, without a fight
Like plagues of blackness blocking light


Persecuted subservient to tyranny
Witness to thine own elegy
Execution of the deed
Unlamented sympathies
Assassins led by blasphemy
Buried without thine dignity

[Solo: Kurt, Mike]

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