Versuri HOLY TERROR - Evil's Rising

Album: HOLY TERROR - Terror And Submission

Dawning sky a day so dreary
Seeing faithful weak and weary
Wanting so much more than is had
To give up anything in trade

Temptation flirts about you
Reach out the gold ring could be yours
Leading to where no one can save you
The lust of excess brings you end


Unearthly voices, choirs of the dead
Calling for mercy, darkness rears its head
Evil is rising, mortality condemned
Onward and onward to the living end

The choice is ours what will we do
No one will know just what to do
Will the infernal fires of hell
Entombed into the need to be
Or will merciless light of truth shine through (or through you)


[Solo: Kurt]

Venomous conquest darkens the world
Trails of lifeless carnage left behind

And in the end, you pay the price with your soul


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