Versuri HOMO IRATUS - Soulconscienceworkshop

Album: HOMO IRATUS - Apocalypse

No regrets no remorse no denials
Dilluted to extinction by the...
Soul and conscience workshop
Shapes the shepherds
Guiding to compliance
Those that never tasted life
And never will too
Cause they are meant for fuel to support
The disciples that will guide them
To their final destination.

Forget what happens to the sheep?
They're bred for slaughter
They're bred to sleep

Shepherds forget they are sheep too
Sole conscience no will schooled into

Lies deceit and public speech

Institute of growing heads
Of states of mind and states of helots

Their hands are clean and washed in blood again

Soulconscience workshop deprival of thought
Mutilates minds by selective erasure

Teachers invisible as in times of old
Teaching lessons of untrue and untold.

They deny and so they control
They're in power but they will fall.