Biografie Horse The Band

Horse The Band
Formatia Horse the Band (uneori denumita si HORSE the band) s-a infiintat ca un proiect experimental in anul 1999 in Lake Forest, California.
Stil: nintendocore, experimental rock
Nathan Winneke voce
David Isen chitara
Dash Arkenstone bass
Erik Engstrom sintetizatoare
Daniel Pouliot - tobe
Scabies, The Kangarooster, and You demo (1999)
Secret Rhythm of the Universe CD (2001)
I Am a Small Wooden Statue on a Patch of Crabgrass Next to a Dried Up Riverbed EP (2001)
Beautiful Songs by Men EP (2002)
R. Borlax CD (2003, Pluto Records)
The Effing 69 World Tour tour footage DVD (2004)
The Mechanical Hand CD (2005, Combat Records)
Pizza EP (2006, Combat Records / LIF Records)
R. Borlax CD (re-release, 2007, Koch Records)
A Natural Death CD (2007, Koch Records)