Versuri Hot Snakes - Let It Come

Album: Hot Snakes - Automatic Midnight

Go ask the Tourist's Union
Shut up, sit down
Lotta talk, yeah lotta nothing to show
In my town
I like the painted signs
Boycott the show-me state
I'm tired of the long lines
Gonna make my shingle say:

Buy cheap, sell dear

Ain't gonna be no more insults
You buy: you win
I'm tired of the long lines
Yeah I'm cutting in
Ain't no new damper on my freedom
Yeah I'll drop a dime
On the foot right on my neck
Gonna free up my free time

Lost money, lost time
Less in the bargain left to keep hope alive
Our table in Hell
Your table in Hell
At the pickets, on the signs
Cadman Plaza East 225
Saying set our table in Hell

So let it come
Let it come
By my guest
The message from the management says you gotta go
America will settle for less