Versuri Hour Of Penance - Malevolence Of The Righteous

Album: Hour Of Penance - Paradogma

I - am your leader
Observe the radiance of my light
Redeem - Yourself from your worse sins
I am the one that purifies

The shrines - crumbled and crushed by the weight of light
Burning the halls of mystifiers,
Columns of credos fall with the
Liars, forsaken on the
White altar of shame
I am - the executor
I am the cleanness of your mind
Conceal yourself from my pure hand
I am the sign of your demise
Expiate your sins no compassion
Let me breath your pain
Victim of your own greed
Soul cleansation
Let me drink your blame
Naked in front of me just submission
No false shroud around your flesh
Begging on your knees castigation
No compassion for the betrayer


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