Versuri House of Pain - Earthquake

(Yes yes ya'll)
(Cause I'm so fly)
(Everlast be the apple of your Earth's eye)
I be breakin the laws, breakin the laws
All you wannabe hard rocks just pause
It's the MC host
Space ghost from the coast
With piggish white skin
Kid, where you been
I got a blue eye
But my tight lenght devil
I freak harmonies
Like my brother is Nevel
And I can rock
Through your style
Eatin cold hardy stew
So whachya wanna do
I'm comin real soon
To a theatre near you
So why dont you cratique me
While I'm love on stage
Cause I'm gonna break my
Rusty cage, my rusty cage
Watch the way I freak it
When I bust my gage
Cause all that loud gun talk
Dont mean squat
If my tool gets hot
I'm a burst your knot
And give it all I got
Up in your wisdom slot
And cold and rains
couldnt stop her
From callin me poppa
Big daady draw dropper
Mr.Heart breaker
She leaves Mary Poppins
And comes home Seka