Versuri Hundredth - Shine

Album: Hundredth - When Will We Surrender

we are tattered men. nothing but mirrors of the walls we've built. i've built a high gate and i've invited destruction. bruised and broken
by my self-righteousness. i can't go without letting my self down. we cannot win alone. we're coming up dry, our necks flush. we've been
staring at our crowns. we've abandoned something up above. i am nothing without the men who walked before me. i'm broken by my own pride.
my self-hate. bring a plague to my pride. let me know i am nothing. oh there are no arms as big as Yours. let us unite in the fact that we
are nothing. let us float into the dusk, united. we are going to let it shine. let us shine. let me shine. we will shine.