Versuri Ian Anderson - The Jasmine Corridor

Album: Ian Anderson - The Secret Language of Birds

In all my lives, I never knew anyone like you before
Woke up one day, swore I heard the sound of heaven knocking on my door
And after all these years long passing,
Time to reflect, no time for wasting
Walking down the jasmine corridor

Reflecting echoes of quiet laughter

In all my life, I was never better served than I was served by you
And in my way, hope you agree I tried to serve you too
Out on the headland I stepped once unsteady
You there to catch me, I breathe more freely
Hand in mine down the jasmine corridor

Through all my life, I chased flitting illusions at a faster pace
Never stopped to think the moment was for seizing
Had myself to face
You made my bed to lie in, stately
Mad cats, grandchildren, here more often lately
The final view from the jasmine corridor

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