Versuri IHSAHN - Unhealer

Album: IHSAHN - angL 2008

[feat. Mikael kerfeldt on lead vocals]

The peaceful tools
Of a righteous man
Serenity complete

And you believe
That time will heal
Erase your wounds
Your lies conceal

Cleanse your soul
In dreams of death
Wherein you may concede
But when you wake
Remember this:
In my domain
Those scars will bleed

Your peace is not my peace
Where you redeem
I summon guilt
Your fear is not my fear
I summon the fire
Your hell is not my hell
The life you shun
Is mine to live
Your sins are not my sins
In me you find no heir
Your lies are not my lies
Such grace
I do renounce
Your god is not my god
Where he forgiveth
I will unheal

Ever defying
The pride and joy
Of a nemesis
Solitude complete

Yet - I will see
Your faiths defeat
Thy will undone
My kingdom come

Wash your hands
In frozen convictions
Beyond you make your plead
But come the end
I guarantee:
In my domain
Those scars still bleed

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