Versuri Imagika - Chaos To Murder

Album: Imagika - And So It Burns

Life can't be short enough
When the going gets hard
And the suitor gives up

No life is worth the pain
To strive for gold
And lose in flames

Your verbal words decay
Relive another day
This cage of horrid fools
And the lies of men who twist their rules

Chaos to murder die
Chaos to murder die

Deceivers who kill in the night
Banished to hell
Then they drink from the bite
Slaves to your parasite
Savage in lust red liquid divine

Wake up from your undead dread
Denounce those silent screams
The tale of the body thief
And the hunger beneath
The souls who cannot see

Chaos to murder die
Chaos to murder die

The living only see
what's in front of them
But the dead... They see all