Versuri Imagika - My Dominion

Album: Imagika - And So It Burns

Transfixed by the snowy range
In the ice world so cold
Between the stilled mountain sleeves
The wind crashes and wakens
The air above the knoll

The slay with the dwarf inside
Raving wildly at the team
Guides his mistress a witch in white
To the lamp post past the churning stream

Thou it seems something's gone astray
A wind of change has come today

Two sons of Adam two daughters of Eve
The lion the witch will clash its prophecy
The rock on the hill - the ghoul in the dark
The wardrobe the gate between
The land of Narnia

Halt ! Called the queen of ice
A face as pale as death
What pray tell is this ?
Speak up now I cannot hear you !

Please I don't understand ?
This question that you ask
Is that how you address the queen ?
I beg your pardon majesty

[Bridge 2]
Could it be that I've gone insane ?
Or does this mean the end of my reign