Versuri Immolation - The Weight Of Devotion

Album: Immolation - Shadows In The Light

Dragging me down, theres nothing left of this broken man
Bearing this weight, it weakens me day by day
Try to find change, but Im looking through jaded eyes
Leave me here, I know no other way to live

Using the fearto suffer the pain
Driven by ragein this manic mind
A life of servicea life in ruin
Shattered so slowlyever so completely

Ive given so muchits stolen my soul
Im nothing at allit defines my being
The pleasures of lifeelude me still
Cast me outcast me down

The hate inside meovercomes the world
It empowers meIt elevates me

My devotion blinds methe darkness finds me
Heavy on meweighing down on me

This devotion drives memy actions haunt me
Crushing mecrushing down on me

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