Cine este de vina pentru anularea turneului Impaled Nazarene?

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Cine este de vina pentru anularea turneului Impaled Nazarene?

Desi o declaratie din partea grupului Impaled Nazarene arata ca agentia de booking GCA Booking Agency (Grecia)se face vinovata pentru anularea turneului Est European, un nou anunt postat pe pagina oficiala arata ca evenimentele din Turcia si Grecia raman de fapt neschimbate.

Mai mult, cele doua concerte din Grecia sunt catalogate drept 'exclusive shows.'

Prima declaratie referitoare la greci, emisa pentru Mihai 'Coro' Caraventeanu, arata cam asa:

It is canceled due to total unproffesionalism of these Greek idiots (cu referire la agentia organizatoare a turneului, GCA Booking Agency din Grecia). We have never canceled a single show on our 20 years carrier and that speaks for itself. What a big f*****g joke! From our part I can just say sorry to all of you, we were really looking forward to play in Romania, but we already booked our flights home”.

Update: Un nou comunicat lansat de Impaled Nazarene explica:

You read it, Turkey and Greece will hapen, rest is cancelled. We are not happy about this and we spent our holidays to do this fiasco. We all work so first one to say we do this for money (what money eh?) can f*ck right off!

At least we...managed to save a couple of shows, it it better than nothing. And for you who do not understaint, I can tell you we would have loved to play in Bulgaria and Romania, we have never been there but this was totally beyond our control. You decide to be X-Fan, Then Go Ahead.

This sucks but what the f*ck can you do wen you are between a fist and brickwall?

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