Versuri Impaled Nazarene - Ghettoblaster

Album: Impaled Nazarene - Death Comes In 26 Carefully Selected Pieces

Firestorm - genocide
Kill them all before they kill you
Radiation - overkill
Apocalyptic truth of the year one (666)

[Chorus 1:]
Ghettoblaster, megatron, kill!

Firepower - final war
Heading for the infernal reign
Raining blood - mushroom clouds
Rats, insects, vomit and agony

[Chorus 2:]
Ghettoblaster, nervegas, kill!

Kill, f*****g kill!
Make them f*****g die
Kill, f*****g kill
No mercy for scum


Overrule - with terror and pain
As history turns the new page
666 - The year of hate
The year scum will be blown away

[Chorus 3:]
Ghettoblaster, apocalypse, kill!

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