Versuri Impaled Nazarene - Hardboiled And Still Hellbound

Album: Impaled Nazarene - Absence Of War Does Not Mean Peace

[Lead: A. Kippo]

f**k you please, then some more
Hardened beyond believe
All these years have taught us well
There's no compassion at all

We detest you and your world
And everything it stands for
We won't conform to your rules
High above the norm

We have been chosen to f**k this world
Born to raise hell
So stab our back but we will survive
Because we are true alpha males

We have been to hell and back
Done things you see wet dreams of
We have been to places you
Don't even know exist
So stop wasting our time
We will be here forever
Do bear this in your mind
You cannot bring us down

f**k you please even more
You cannot be like us
And mark my words, this is how
History is being made

Which part of f**k off don't you get?

We are hardboiled and still f*****g hellbound
We don't give a flying f**k
We are hardboiled and still f*****g hellbound
f**k off you f*****g useless c***s

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