Versuri Impaled Nazarene - Pathogen

Album: Impaled Nazarene - Manifest

      Rationalize this make no mistake
We are at war
Increase pressure find the betrayers
Silence their mouths
Your little brains cant handle the truth
Now you pay the price
Squats will burn glue-sniffers die
All out war
Join the forces to
Erase the pathogen
Rationalize this pillage and rape
We are at war
Sharpen your knives combat gear on
Ready to murder
Smash their ideology burn their manifesto
Kill fellow travellers
Cut their throats repulsive scum
All out war
Madness is breeding among the twats
Blinded by their own ideals
This is the end of their sick regime
Executed by Satans forces
Rationalize this make no mistake
We are at war
No matter what pseudonym no matter what
We will f*****g find you
You can try to run you can try to hide
We will f*****g find you
Die f*****g die die f*****g die
You will f*****g die

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