Versuri IMPALED - Psycho-Surgery

Album: IMPALED - Dementia Rex


[music - Ross Sewage, lyrics - Ross Sewage]

Mongoloid myrmidons gather up the senior staff
Inept neurologists and psychiatric riff-raff
Inhumane treatment and resultant injury
Retributed as we perfom psycho-surgery
Governors of bedlam
Your skulls we will trepan
Intentional dysesthesia
You'll get no anaesthesia
Speculums applied to their maws, pastille dumped therein
Prozac* and Xanax* are used to sap psyche within
Blunt force trauma is induced to quell any objections
The doctors will be heeled in our therapeutic sessions
Ozone emits as primers are pumped
Interrupted galvanism
Current unleashed as safeties are trumped
Tongues guillotined by mandibles jumped
Induced faradism
Post-glossectomy, their speech is stumped
Drilling cranium
Digging for claustrum
Reveal cerebrum
Thalamus is sliced
Frontal lobe is diced
A straightjacket's sized
You're lobotomized
Governors of bedlam
We've cracked your brain pan
Churlish minds now euphoric
From therapy so barbaric
Prefrontal leukotomy
Squelching neural storms
Ignorant bliss and apathy
Once we have performed psycho-surgery

[*Prozac is a registered trademark of Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals]
[*Xanax is a registered trademark of Pharmacia & Upjohn Pharmaceuticals]