Versuri IMPALED - The Hippocritic Oath

Album: IMPALED - Mondo Medicale

"Those sick, the afflicted, the injured, the cripple, those wretches no longer able to fend for their own well being... it is these enfeebled masses who have put their trust in the halls of science, who have sewn their faith in the world of medicine.
We surgeons have seen fit to devote our lives to these sad cases, these people whose time has come.
We delay the inevitable, attempting to give mankind the strength to withstand death, to live but for a few days more.
I say, no more!
I say tally no longer on the frail and infirmed.
I say, give no more peace to the withered and old.
I say, the greatest sickness of all is named "man," and it needs to be excised from the Earth like a boil.
I say, kill 'em all."

"Rotting carbuncles, fustulating piles of meat... we have to exterminate, exterminate them all!"
"Doctor, listen to yourself, you're mad!"
"No, you listen, for the first time I am sane."

"Is there a doctor in the house?"