Versuri Implant Pentru Refuz - Roller

Album: Implant Pentru Refuz - Best Of Implant Pentru Refuz

I roll full steam ahead,

Bouncing up and down
From pavement into the street
Jump over any problem that I meet
I spot a rail
It's obvious it's mine
I slide on it in any time, in no time
With my back down the stairs
Not responding my ball - bearings pray
On the run I visualise my domain
My race script beeing spontaniously made
With my 180 and 360
I roll dance on the track like a maniac
I've got four wheels on my left - foot
I've got four wheels on my right - foot
I've got large clothes, full of colours
It's a different style and I'm ready to follow
I'm the preacher of the new religion
Religion of move, speed and no obedicence
I don't care what you think
This is my choice - I need no leader !
Nourish mysef with grass, speed and mescalitos
I'm not the "F.K."
I make thousands miles of streets
You wonna bet, you "M.F." homeadicted
I'm the roller
I'm the skater
I'm the biker
I'm extrem
Commonly thinkers regard me
As a scum - scum
Following the same old mistake
Like a dumb - dumb
They don't even know me
But they keep saying and complaining
"You're a looser and you're standing in my healthy way, get away!"
Do you think I give a s**t?
I don't even give a damn Because i'm a freaking roller - boy
Not your f*****g super - toy
I'm the roller - boy, adrenaline
I'm the roller - boy...