Versuri IN BATTLE - Serpents

Album: IN BATTLE - Welcome To The Battlefield

So, I'm the serpent now
In your perfect paradise?
I'm the flame that scorched the earth
I am fire death and pain
So I'm the one to blame for your ignorance?
I am all and nothing in a world of treachery

We are the spawn of the greatest of plagues
Come now rejoice... celebrate the world down fall
Crawl through the mud with your stinking cross
Kiss the pale c**t as your religion bites the dust
I'll be there for you when your faith runs dry
I'll be there to torch your filthy a*s
No repent... no salvation...
The time has come for you to burn

So, I'm the master now?
Save your prayers...
I'm the one that brings the pain
I'm the one that brings the reaper
I'm the serpent here... bow your heads for me
I am all and nothing in a world of suffering

Celebrate the world downfall
Rejoice as the flesh as torn away

We are the serpents

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