Versuri IN BATTLE - Shunned By Life

Album: IN BATTLE - Welcome To The Battlefield

Awake me...
Open my eyes, underneath a cloak of flesh
Carve my sins upon my chest and I shall wear them with pride

Burn me...
With a taste of death, with your poisoned fangs drag me in
Take a walk with me through the valley of death

Die... as you will...
I will transcend as a god
Burn... as you will...
I set the world ablaze

Release me...
Release me from the pain of life
And when all life ends we shall meet again
What a joyful sight it will be
To see the world crumble into dust

Exalt me...
In rapture raise me high
Above the retched filth of flesh
In the chasm of endless pleasure all shall chant my name

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