Versuri In Element - There

Album: In Element - Evolution: Begins In Chaos

There I ill be standing
Steering at the eye of the storm
All my life has pass trough my eyes
A freezing wind embrace my skin in this night
A burning light surrounds her sin forever

Theres nothing but emptiness in here
Theres nothing to worry now but me
Theres so much beauty around here
Red lakes of pain around me

I cant drown with you
I could not change

I cant drown with you
Not this time
I will not change

As you float
Here I watch
Here I crouch
Set on my knees
Begging for peace
Waiting for you
A shadow scream

There where the winds and the words collide
There where the winds become storms
And storms are the shapes
Of mute words
There I will be standing
With centuries rearrange in my back
There I will be standing
With centuries evolving one more time

There I will stand
There I will remain
There I will prevail
There I will stand

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