Versuri In Memorium - Des Todes Gruft

Album: In Memorium - From Misery... Comes Darkness

Sweet is death whom appears as a lover
Feelings of hate that surge deep within
Storms that bring down mankind
Like roses that wilt upon dawns mask
My worms & flies will devour you whole
Crypts of scorn for the parasites lost

I am the fear deep in your eyes
I am the law of hatred
I stand dead, yet seething with spite
I stand solemn, against the horde!
I...lurk within...the ultimate...silence

A cavern of nothing but black
A symbol of what's yet to come
A spirit twisted & gnarled
A vortex swirling inside

Their mouths filled with excrements
They are the f*****g thorns in my side
This holocaust will end with genocide