Versuri In Memorium - In The Form Of Darkness

Album: In Memorium - From Misery... Comes Darkness

Once twilight descends
Shadowing all that remains
In the form of darkness
Vermin prepare for the feast

Once the ancients awaken
Disturbing eternal slumber
In the form of darkness
Silent Voices from Beyond

A bizarre manifestation
Now comes forth to feed
Pain shall turn to power
This strength to compell

Freedom from imprisonment
Exiled through the galaxy
To the darkest depths of space we shall descend...

We shall storm this space and time
As the true creators
As the insects prepare for the feast
Upon spread wings

A writhing black mass
Shall be sent from above
Down on this untainted plane
Enshrouded in mystery

I know it has been written
But now it is etched in stone
And with this pen
This date shall be saved
So when I die
Let it be told
I will rise again
In the unknown

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