Versuri In Memorium - Ravenslaughter

Album: In Memorium - From Misery... Comes Darkness

Lying dormant in desperation
Alone & bleeding black blood
Concrete cushions my numbmess
Chewing on aluminum foil souls

Colorful memories now stained ashen grey

Corroded machine of sanitys' dusk
Stark naked covered with dead leaves
Neon ravens streak across black skies
....... Darkened depths of humanity
Fruit rotted for the funeral feast

Symbols that speak in ancient tongues
Dark Shadows stand before me

Float through rotting steel chambers
Their souls have been robbed
Now lost within burning tunnels

This factory of dead ravens
9 feet deep in my grave
They are the Nameless...
They greet the nuclear mists!!

Emotionless... A dolls' eyes... That never close!!