Versuri Inactive Messiah - All Your Dreams

Album: Inactive Messiah - Be My Drug

Look at me, for a moment, you won't see
Never again, you'll never feel, you'll never see
You will pay, you will hate, all you've done
Now forever you will suffer in your heart

All your crimes
All your sins
All your lusts
All your dreams
All your thoughts
All your fears
All your nightmares
You thought that you weren't enough

Think about it, it's all over, now it' done
Do you like it, smell the death, above your dust
Tears of blood in your eyes, on your lips
Hypnotic poison, in your body, through your throat

Cutted veins
In your flesh
Destroyed brain
It's a mesh
Violated parts
Of your body
Clawd wrist
Bleeding neck