Versuri Indian Fall - Stage One: Nature – The Beginning

Album: Indian Fall - Fear: 4 Stages

Here you are follow the nature
Speak my name till the end of wind
Force the leaf to touch you fingers
Wait for someone to guide you safe
Forest is deep and the rain is falling
Fear is near and the bravery is going

Deep dawn in the middle of nowhere
The rain feed the ground with bloody tears
When the storm is closer and the sky is burning
The fear is near and the bravery is going

I try to feel you but the wind frozen my thoughts

Thousand voices split your head
Your endless dream has no effect
Feed the fear, no escape
Kiss the ground and start to pray

Left is talking: if you want I buy you fear
Right still wait a frozen tear
Thunders fall around your dreams

You are fear, the fear it's you
You are fear, the fear it's you

2. Stage Two: You – Fear

I'll try to find my self
I'll try to fight with you
The fire from your eyes
It's burn my thoughts

I am the void

I talk with me and now
My soul is burning down
I am nobodies flesh
My fear rise around

I am the void

The hidden wisdom tamed the beasts of your hell
The chains are broken and the magic is gone
Eternity is burning
You...standing against infinity and emptiness

From darkness somehow I never leave
Carried away by my own premonitions
Crush this temple of anger and fear

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