Versuri Indian Fall - Stage Three: Divinity – Despair

Album: Indian Fall - Fear: 4 Stages

When I think I catch you
You fade away from me
I try to keep it closer
But now the spell is gone.
And when I let you feel me
I rise from pain and fear
Go back in your cold world
Release the flesh and die.

I'm the shadow in your life
I'm the trap so come to me
I promise you I let you die
Feel my anger go away!

I'm your shadow I'm your life
I'm your breath so you can't hide
Feed me with you, kill me with you
Till the end of endless time.

I call you from behind
I rise now from your blind
I give you all the faith
But soul is empty
My back is turn to you
Now see you are not true
I'll cut your throat
The strength is my

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