Versuri Inhale Exhale - Its Myself Vs. Being A Man

Album: Inhale Exhale - I Swear

Who said this won't be perfect after all we know what is right
And the sounds of bodies clashing is enough to make them cry.
You know this cannot be perfect even when it is feeling right.
And the sound of bodies crashing echo through the night.
Dreams are gone.
Nightmares are here to stay.
Not doing when you know is the greatest crime.
Wake up spilling hatred for each other everywhere.
How cheap is your love.
Lying to keep a peace.
And oh how we ended up in this place.
In this place we are trapped by greed.
Something is not right in this house.
This room I lay my head is haunted by mistakes.
Crimes of passion?
Or was it the way they were raised?
Darkness fills this as does the empty bottles.
I wait for the day you come home.
When this house is no longer standing

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