Versuri Inhale Exhale - The Words That We Have Chosen

Album: Inhale Exhale - I Swear

A world awaits you when all you have to do is think and there is no actions.
In everyone you see an emptiness they cannot be all right for you and me.
You think you have it all.
We live such spoiled lives untouched and unharmed.
Will we own up to the words that we have chosen and swear by?
Mistakes we cannot afford.
And we're running out of options.
There is trouble when you are lonely.
It is always a choice to make.
Is it right what you want?
I cannot take the time to wish you luck.
We live such spoiled lives.
Untouched and unharmed.
It is so far from where you want to be
And there's no way to make it go any faster.
Wait for your heart to sink.
And thank God for what you have.

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