Versuri INNERWISH - Bleeding Soul

Album: INNERWISH - Inner Strength

I scream through the night
Too much evil to fight
Nightmares are in sight
I can't stand it, my mind's in confusion.

You spread a bright light
I escape from the mist
Millions of angels deliver my soul to heaven

I finally found a little peace in my heart
Engaged by my willing to risk from the start

Feel all the love in my heart,
Follow the sign of the cross be my guide
I'm trying to escape from the dark, show me the way
Light on the road far from sin
I'll open my eyes, and try to believe
Time has come, I must reborn
Salvation for a bleeding soul

My eyes full of lust
Gloomy memories of past
Try to relive, got to hold on, relight my fire

If I choose the right way
I keep praying every day
Will lord hear me now and forever, it's now or never.

I finally found a little peace in my heart.
My mind's through a conflict to risk from the start.

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