Versuri INNERWISH - Dancer Of The Storm

Album: INNERWISH - Silent Faces

Erase, the silent waves of grace
The psychotic haze, that changed your face,
becoming closer
Recall the sign that I endorse,
the suffocating sight that raped your mind
Is screaming my name

I see you, I feel you, your breath so close to me
I see you, you are so afraid
I need you, I feel you, you hold my cryptic dream
I see you, you are so afraid

Can you see the light, lining the path of your mind?
Tempting colors fill your eyes
dive in their tender sunrise
The tears that bleed you, day by day
are fading away
Salvation is reborn, through your pulse
dancer of the storm

I drink the course of my beliefs,
the lifeless dream that hides the guilt inside
that burns the passion
Beyond the dancer of the storm
a new love joins our fate and leads our ways
without direction.

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