Versuri INNERWISH - Inner Strength

Album: INNERWISH - Inner Strength

Can't you see the darkness is falling?
I'm so scared to go on
Destiny comes before me closing my way
I'm shivering, I'm closing my eyes not see
Why my heart is getting cold
Terrible shadows surround me there is no way out

In the night,
A dark angel is closing my eyes
I can feel that he is so mean
He takes me away to the eternal night
I can't hide.

When the fear siege your heart
I'll be there by your side
In the dark I'm the leading light.
And when you feel you are all alone
Trust the eyes of your soul
You know who I am. Your own inner strength

Trembling lights starts spreading around
Now I know I must fight
I believe I can change my fate if I try
Dreadful shadows are gone, it's not so cold any more
Now that I'm reborn
No more nightmares or daemons will torture my brain

In the light the dark angel is loosing his power
He can feel that I'll win
Joyful voices are calling me back to life