Versuri INNERWISH - Riding On The Wind

Album: INNERWISH - Silent Faces

Where are my friends of yesterday,
my dreams that I've been after
Somewhere along the way I've missed my site
In a land where only madness rules
I've lost the will to live
I failed to see that life is a cruel game

But I will leave them all behind
And feel the wind in my hair
I'm sailing away

Now I'm riding on the wind
And I'm tearing up the sky
To fulfill my destiny and ease my mind
Now I'm riding on the wind
And my heart is filled with lust
To relive my life and restore the past

One glance back, I realize
there is nothing I've accomplished
My life just passed away before my eyes

When sirens sang their songs of doubt
I never heard their warnings
Now I recall the days to turn the page

But the fire still burns inside
Possessing my mind
I'm sailing away

I'm sailing away
With eyes full with lust

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